Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD)

Date: 25/07/2005

“Physiotherapists and people with WAD should be aware that serious physical injury is rare and a good prognosis is likely. Recovery is improved by early return to normal pre-accident activities, exercise and a positive attitude. Once a serious injury has been excluded, over-medicalisation is detrimental.”

The D’Souza clinic fully supports the use of an evidence based approach in the treatment of neck pain, caused by injury such as a road traffic collisions. To find out more please contact us. Reference: Moore A, Jackson A, Hammersley S, Hill J, Mercer C, Smith C, Thompson J, Woby S, Hudson A(2005) Clinical guidelines for the Physiotherapy management of whiplash associated disorder. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, London. We also recommend The Whiplash Book published by TSO.

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